“Tracy-Lynn  believes  to  be  present  within  nature  is  to  be  undeniably  at  peace;    when  we  are  present  we  immediately  see  the  beauty  and  interconnectedness  of  all  things. Evoking deep  reverence  for  her  beloved  Canadian  landscape,  Tracy-Lynn’s  acrylic  and  most  recently  oil  paintings  are  filled  with  dramatic  light,  electric  hues,  connecting  the  spirit  of  Canada’s  rugged  nature  with  it’s  most  peaceful  beauty. “


Showing at Cline House Gallery / OBO Studios


Tracy-Lynn Chisholm_With Glowing Hearts_acrylic on canvas_30x40

Tracy-Lynn Chisholm_New Waters_Oil on panel_20x20

Tracy-Lynn Chisholm_Île de la Quaintrelle _Oil on Canvas_24x30

Tracy-Lynn Chisholm_Balter Falls_Oil on Canvas_24x30