“My drawings are inspired by the mountain which in spite of the passing of time, the seasons which succeed each other, like a tranquil forcefulness, remains the same. It encourages us to surpass and resilience.

With the aid of my pencils, I make appear their silhouette which stretches towards the sky, towards the light. From the features of a face is born a landscape that illustrates the parallel between the mountain and our interior. To realize my works I use coloured pencils, working transparency in contrast with coloured lines, I expose the paper and let it become a source of light. The fine lines I accumulate, superimpose, suggest the texture of a landscape, the features of a face. They guide the eye towards a sunny sky or a luminous path.

My works are my answer to what I perceive of the world: an image inspired by this quiet forcefulness that lives in the depths of each of us.”




SylvieLabrecque_Ciel Orange_colour pencils on wood