Sylvie is a proud Alexandrian. Her home and studio, located on the outskirts of town, provide nature and tranquility, all she needs to reflect deeply on her surroundings. Sylvie graduated in 1997 from Espace Verre, Le Centre des Métiers du Verre du Québec, a 3-year program, followed by 2 years assisting well-established international artists who taught her, enabled her to push her limits and pursue her experimentation with her new found love, metal.

“Stone, Glass, Metal, Nature, Architecture, these form my artistic base, my desire to: Create, Construct, Juxtapose, Associate, Interpret. I highlight relationships, great and small, between humankind and our environment. My intention in recent work is to emphasize – through transformation – the beauty and importance of day-to-day farm objects and tools used to clear acres of scrub and brush, and generate agrarian produce. Witness of where we come from, from the two-handed saw to the milk can, these objects and tools populating our collective memory are getting more and more scarce. I live with them until they talk to me and inspire. My highest desire is for these beautiful objects from our past to withstand time.”