“About 15 years ago, my mom said, “You are so creative, I bet you could paint too.” My brother was the artist, I considered myself a crafter. Her vote of confidence pushed me to give it a try and I found a new passion. I am a “grammy” and mother of three girls, one who now lives in my heart, she was my mentor. Since I left my hometown, Valleyfield QC, in my early twenties, I have moved so many times, from Kuujjuaq, to Nigeria, Madagascar, and many provinces. My past is an amazing source of inspiration, so is today, what is around me.

What I embraced in the past, weaving, macramé, writing, floral design, pottery, picture framing, all influences what I do today. Acrylic painting, Powertex fabric sculpture, and encaustics now fill my days. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!”

Suzanne Rowlands 5-Mixed Media, 8 x 8

Suzanne Rowlands 4-Mixed Media, 8 x 10,

Suzanne Rowlands 3-Mixed Media, 16 x 20

Suzanne Rowlands 2-Mixed Media, 16 x 20

Suzanne Rowlands 1-Mixed Media, 18 x 24