“Shari studied Graphic Design in Barrie and Toronto but returned to the area to start her career with a local printing company.  After a few years she decided to freelance as a Graphic Designer and enjoyed much success working for a number of businesses in SD&G.

In the last few years Shari’s focus has been on developing her painting skills, first with acrylics and more recently with oils. She has explored a lot of subject matter but her obsession has turned to objects. Leaning towards vintage objects, “Well used items” that look like they have a story to tell, appeal to her most. She hunts these objects down at local auctions, antique shops or her parent’s basement.  Shari paints these “Portraits” at her home studio near Long Sault and recharges with a weekly visit to OBO Studios where there is no shortage of creative energy and shared inspiration!”


Showing at Cline House Gallery / OBO Studios


Smelko, Shari I_haven’t_lost_my_marbles

Smelko, Shari HeinzKetchup

Smelko, Shari Dial_Tone

Smelko, Shari Canadian Banker