“I am a multi-media visual artist, musician, and writer. Where my Ragged Ts are concerned, I began sewing at a very young age. My dear mother taught me. It is a skill that has served a practical and artistic use many, many times over, in my life, from mending my family’s clothing, to sewing large, industrial backdrops for a theatre company. Now, I get to create these great Ts and travel to markets and fairs and such and meet cool people and get paid for my art… How great is that?!

Ragged Ts are truly one-of-a-kind designer t-shirts, fabricated from new (fair labour) and rescued (gently used), 100% cotton t-shirts. I use a traditional reverse applique technique, which creates a vintage, “raggedy” flavour… Each piece is individually crafted by yours truly with love, and now proudly worn around the world.

They reflect my lifestyle and who I am as an artist and as a woman, from the graphics, to the colours, to the materials. I not only make them, I wear them… I have received great feedback on them since day one.

Drawing inspiration from another one of my passions, my first designs were musical in nature (guitar, musical staff, drums… ) As with all my art, my line gradually grew from other influences – my love of animals, nature, travel, colour, fabric, and textures, among others – and I’m certain will continue to evolve and grow.

It will be my pleasure to give a demonstration of the technique I use. I will have a selection of pieces for purchase, and will gladly accept commission work.”