“Capturing light and shadows in oils and water colours,  is my obsession. I wander about with my camera or sketchbook recording what surrounds me; I then work from my photos to express what has caught my imagination. I live in the country and my paintings are realistic scenes of nature and people.  For me the challenge is to find balance in color and light. I was told that my paintings evoke a story. I like to think that they bring a sense of well being through the magic of nature into our homes.

The scenes that I capture celebrate the four seasons. Fields, gardens, skies, paths, birds and plants are all subjects I embrace.

I especially enjoy my studio, my quiet refuge in a busy world. This space I organize and reorganize reflects my mood. I feel rethinking my studio is in itself an art. Using what I have, imagination and time, is part of my expression.

You can’t sell this space; you open it up to your friends and lovers of art. Welcome.

Mon art est un moyen de communiquer mon appréciation de ce qui m’entoure. Avec la peinture à l’huile et l’aquarelle, j’explore le jeu de lumière et de l’ombre dans la représentation de la nature et les personnes où j’habite. Bienvenue.”

Showing at Desnoyers Art Expressions


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