“I’ve always had a great interest in the rooms of times past and their associations with the people they’ve touched and surrounding environments they’ve shaped. From a staircase discovered in an old abandoned farmhouse in southern Ontario to a window inspired by an Italian villa in Tuscany, this is what moves me to paint. I’m drawn spaces and the play of light within them, shapes and shadows casting on the walls or the influences incurred by the passing of time. These inspirations help create pieces that invoke a sense of timelessness.


Showing at Stomping Ground Bistro & Café


P Grouix Cotton Mill Plaque finished with bleed for E-mail

P Giroux Lock 19 painting for E-mail

P Giroux Cornwallis watercolor 2 8×10

P Giroux C16787 Dinning Hall 48×40-4_fw58ed0936bf976_1200

P Giroux C16786 Provenance 44x54_-4_fw58ed09459bce3_1200