“I have been painting for over 30 years and draw my inspiration for many of my canvases through travel and nature.  I have participated in many workshops and courses throughout the years and have taught art and craft classes to adults and youth, encouraging them to discover their hidden talents.  I was born in Cornwall but have lived most of my adult life in Ottawa. I returned to Cornwall following my retirement to be close to family.  Although I enjoy painting many different subjects in watercolour, acrylic and egg tempera, my passion is centered on sacred art (icons), birds and panoramas; I love the challenge of working with so many variations of colour, techniques and in striving to capture the essence of realism within my detailed work.”

Fireflies by Marleene McWilliam – acrylic 20 x 20

Trip to Petra Marleene McWilliam – watercolour 14 x 16 SOLD

Waiting on a Catch by Marleene McWilliam – watercolour 5×7

Whimsical Pelican by Marleene McWilliam – watercolour 8 x 10