“I am an artist, meaning I am not a provocateur, entertainer, intellectual or politician. The “how you say things” is very important in the communication industry: what is said and how it is said. Words are not my instruments of expression but colour is the medium open to me. I love realism; seeing the fine details really make an effect. I believe that is what good art is supposed to do, make an impact. I love to paint the seascape, beautiful girls, and golf scenes. I assess the light and the movement and the architectural elements before I begin my preliminary sketches. With my paintings I create places that are peaceful and beautiful. My output depicts peace, harmony, love, beauty and light.

I paint not merely to paint, but because my nature compels me to paint — because I have a message.  Being a snow-bird, beauty surrounds and motivates me. My inspirational sources are women, water and golf.  I drive to paint this kind of themes not only because I like them but also because they gradually captivate me, body and soul. I express the passions and the feelings they transmit to me, and for a while I become them, I feel their knowledge, their pain or agony, their power, their mystery. My interpretation and their stories always convey both moods and passions, in glorious colours.”


Quesnel, Marcel a Oil 18” X 24_Meet-Me-at-the-Wishing-Well

Quesnel, Marcel e Oil 16” X 20”In the Silence that Follows

Quesnel, Marcel g Oil 18” X 24_My Peaceful Oasis

Quesnel, Marcel i Oil 18” X 24 My Valentine