“I enjoy working in a variety of mediums – watercolour, pastel, art photography and acrylic.

In my art photography work I think of each photograph as a canvas; a starting point.  Using post processing techniques, I work to enhance the image, and sometimes completely alter it into a new image.  There are numerous computer programs and applications available to do this.  I prefer those that give me unlimited ability to transform the photographs into my own vision.

I began my artistic journey in 2002 with watercolour.  Feeling I needed to try something new, I moved to pastels in 2012, and on to the art photography.  Currently I am working primarily in acrylic.

I have exhibited at numerous venues around the eastern counties and the Artworkz Gallery in Ottawa and, most recently at The Show. At Brent’s Place.”


Showing at the Salem United Church


Lynne Ayers – Samurai – art photography

Lynne Ayers – Raisin River at Martintown2 – art photography

Lynne Ayers – On the Edge – acrylic on canvas

Lynne Ayers – Evening Out – acrylic on canvas