“I  have always marveled at creative art! I tried oil painting in my early teens but set aside my interest in the medium to pursue school and career.

I retired in early 2000 and moved to Cornwall in 2005. Almost seven years ago I decided to try watercolor painting after seeing an ad to join a watercolor group taught by an accomplished watercolor artist. I soon fell in love with the medium with its many possible styles and techniques that the artist can utilize.

I find that when I paint I am in a place that is tranquil and most relaxing.

Some describe me as a meticulous artist as I do enjoy painting detailed landscapes, waterscapes,  and old abandoned barns, churches and houses.

I started showing my paintings in the past four years at the local art gallery and other locations in Cornwall as well as in FOCUS ART exhibitions.

I have been an active member of FOCUS ART for the last two years.”

Showing at Aultsville Hall


Ken Monk-Sunrise Serenity-Watercolor (1)

Ken Monk-Stone Bridge-Watercolor

Ken Monk-Breaking Waves-Watercolor (1)

Ken Monk- Birch Trees at Sunset-Watercolor (1)