“Kathleen Morin is an acrylic Canadian landscape artist. She was born in Sept-Iles, Qc., a magical place where the snow is deep, the beach is endless and the sky is on fire. A place where you were either English, French or Montagnais. Her art reflects this idyllic world she remembers and still sees today.

Her love of colour, movement and the Canadian landscape is mixed with a definitive Native influence. Her art has been described as vibrant, spiritual and “Group of Seven on acid”.

Having not had much formal training, she paints from a more intuitive place. She hopes her art will evoke a sense of peace, tranquility and an ability to take a moment and to “just breathe”. She has just recently opened her own studio where she plans to produce a larger body of work.”

See her video here.


Showing at the Just Breathe Art Studio


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