“I have been living in North Lancaster for 14 years. I express myself trough the manipulation of metal and wood. Those elements are part of my toolbox , forging is the base from where I explore. Control of mass , color , grain , lines , reflection , texture challenges me to evolve and learn every day. I like to incorporate new mediums in my work. It helps me to be more creative and keep the design flame alive. By now my oldest projects are thirty years old. I am well equipped to handle small, simple to large and intricate pieces. My studio is the space where time slows down. From a need, an idea, a concept we meander on the art road. Gratifying it is, as projects funnel trough those last hours towards the final “OK “ that often took months in the making. My latest project took a year to accomplish, this large piece of maple inspired me to produce a fine bistro table.

Come and visit , view my latest creation , chat with me , enjoy this unique moment.”


Showing at Priest’s Mill Arts Centre


Hugues Baribeau-Love Me – forged steel & wood

Hugues Baribeau – Stileto – forged steel wood

Hugues Baribeau – Objects in a Vessel – steel rod

Hugues Baribeau – D & G – forged steel rubbed bronze faux fini