“With the ubiquitous digital revolution and its impact on photography, originality and technical perfection are no longer criteria worthy of use to analyse the photographic image. With billions of images currently being uploaded every day to Instagram, Facebook and other social sites, every place and person on earth has been or is being photographed and the resulting images are then instantly available online to almost anyone on the planet. The only value a photograph can have is the one bestowed upon it by the viewer.

In this new reality, after decades of favouring strait, mostly black & white photography as a primary medium, my current photographic project is a departure from “taking” a photograph or recording an instant, to “making” a photographic image and focusing on the interpretation of images.  It is an exercise in harnessing the potential of digital photography for the purpose of exploring perception and meaning by using digital colour layering.  Yes, doing these coloured layers may appear as a bit of a throwback to the 60’s and 70’ Pop-Art but it is done with the conscious thought of focusing on the actual basic photographs as the origin of the final composite image. This is about proposing multiple perspectives of an idea.

Just as memories tend to be sequences of overlapping visual impressions of past experiences coloured by emotional reactions to the moments, the photographic images presented are more about sharing the impressions that about accurately representing a subject.

Visitors of our studio at this 2018 edition of Apples and Arts will be presented with a selection of large format photographic works highlighting the main direction of this colour exploration and will be encouraged to question and discuss this journey.”

Francois Desjardins-ROME-Photography

Francois Desjardins-PARIS-Photography

Francois Desjardins-CHICHENITZA-Photography

Francois Desjardins-ALEXANDRIA-Photography