“I am a multi-discipline artist who works in sculpture, found object assemblage, paint, mixed media, printmaking, lettering, wood, leather, and copper. I have also recently taken up clay. I can’t seem to box my art into any single medium. I like using elemental materials, and found objects that offer little stories, to make art that evokes deep feelings in the viewer – from poignant to nostalgic to hilarious. I like crafting art out of unexpected materials, combining things, and using skills and materials from old trades like hand lettering, gilding, and copper embossing. My sculptures often integrate found objects, because some pieces of junk aren’t ready to be junk: there’s often still some beauty there, or a message, or something evocative, like they still have something to say. A found object’s form, patina, or previous use inspires ideas for my finished pieces. Common themes in my work are trees, nature, animals (lots of horses), farming, nests, motherhood, rhythm, juxtaposition, functionality and humour. I plan to have a variety of pieces on offer for the tour, including sculpture, assemblage using pipe organ parts, horse pottery, copper work, handlettered signs, carved leather, and mixed-media paintings… and who knows what else. I love sharing my work, and I look forward to doing so at Priests Mill.”


Showing at Priest’s Mill Arts Centre

Erica Taylor – Tired – clay

Erica Taylor – Reacher – cement, copper, barbed wire, rusty iron, mdf

Erica Taylor – Every Good Team – copper

Erica Taylor – Appleseeds – pipe organ parts, wood, resin, copper