“This new series of paintings represents my interpretation of the earth’s incredible bounty. What started out as a series about coral quickly evolved to include flora from the different ecosystems. The variety of plant life kept getting more diverse until I was using edible plants as well as coral, shells, vegetables, fruit ….. beets flying through the air, carrots sprouting from shells …. I could just imagine them all conversing, embracing, singing…I was having fun. I see beauty everywhere. I want to celebrate that. I know how hard our earth is working to provide us with sustenance, both visual and edible. I want these paintings to remind people of that.


Gatien, Cynthia

Gatien, Cynthia how does your garden grow, 53×53,-001

Gatien, Cynthia redefining nature,30×48,ac

Gatien, Cynthia unex.