This series of florals represents a return to a favourite subject matter, and one that I’ve begun with a fresh approach. I want to feature not just the flowers, but the space surrounding them . . . making that space critical to seeing the flowers themselves. I’m trying to evoke the lushness and saturation of the colours, literally having the green drip off the leaves . . . the petals, melting under the weight of the pinks and corals…. almost more than they can bear. I want the viewer to look at them and think of spring, of nature in all its beauty . . . the flowers and the glory.


Cynthia Gatien-Togetherness-acrylic on canvas

Cynthia Gatien-Scarlett Ladies-acrylic on canvas

Cynthia Gatien-Growing Up-acrylic on canvas

Cynthia Gatien-Blue Tango-acrylic on canvas