“Claudette Pilon was born in North Lancaster, grew up in Summerstown and has worked in Cornwall for more than 30 years. As a young child, raised in the country, alongside the St. Lawrence River, she fell in love with nature. This love for nature and the outdoors has been the source of her hobbies: cycling, hiking, swimming, gardening etc.

The artist’s interest for arts developed over time and when the retirement years were approaching, Claudette started to play with paints, as she likes to say. She registered for a water color course at St Lawrence College, attended oil painting classes, and participated in several workshops where she explored other mediums and techniques. Today she prefers working in oi and acrylic.

As mentioned, Claudette is greatly inspired by nature. While traveling, she loves capturing photos of clouds, mountains, water and flowers, which are useful as references for her paintings.

Claudette has done two solo exhibits: one with Le Centre Culturel, Cornwall in 2012, and the other with Les Trois Petits Points, Alexandria Ontario in 2013. Over the last ten years she has participated in juried shows and several exhibits with the Focus Art Association. Two of the artist’s paintings were chosen by “people’s choice” for the Focus Art 15th anniversary calendar and at the juried show in 2014 she won an Honorable mention for her abstract painting “Hanging On”.

In September 2016, she was elected on the Board of directors and became the treasurer of the Focus Art Association. Last year, Claudette was a participant in the 25th annual show of Apples and Art at St. Lawrence College. This year she will proudly exhibit in her studio at 600 Guy St. Cornwall. Come and meet the artist and share her passion.”

See her video here.


Showing at Clo’s Art Studio





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