“Henriette (Bobi) Poitras, was born in Germany and immigrated to Montreal with her family at the age of three.  At 18, she quit school, left a note on her pillow, hopped on a Greyhound bus and headed west.  She lived in Calgary, Regina, and various parts of B.C. for eight years before returning to Montreal.  There she spent a year at Concordia University before she married and had four children.  Bobi and her husband decided to homeschool, and she then ran the West Island Home School Association for seven years.  In 2003, they moved to a hobby farm in Green Valley, then recently into Alexandria.  For many years, Bobi was deeply involved in a religious organization, but has since realized that all walks of life have some truth and validity.   Fascinated by the simultaneous beauty and ugliness of life, Bobi has always been in love with the arts and has written poetry from a young age. When she heard about a painting class given by Yvonne Callaway it lit a fire in her mind.  She eagerly signed up, knowing in her heart that she had found her life’s work.  Her paintings portray whimsy, joy, pain, and the complex diversity of humanity she has encountered in life.  She paints with a passion and has made it her full-time pursuit.”

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Showing at As You Like It

21260 County Road #10, Alexandria
A.K.A. 21260 Glen Robertson Rd.